Keryflex Toenail Restoration | Toenail Reconstruction

For Cosmetic Improvement of Damaged Toeanails

What is toenail reconstruction?

The creation of a temporary prosthetic resin nail that will help to improve the aesthetic appearance of a damaged nail. The non-porous medical grade resin is different than other materials because it is flexible and can move with your toe movements. This unique treatment is offered by Foot Specialists as it requires an aesthetic application satisfactory to the patient. Our Foot Specialist will work with you to achieve your desired outcome and improve your confidence in your foot appearance.

How long does the new nail last?

The length of time will vary from person to person but on average they last from 6-8 weeks. At this time a new nail will have to be constructed to replace the old one. Runners or people doing strenuous exercise may find shorter times between treatments.

Can I use nail polish over my new nail?

Yes. You can paint over the new nail and the use of nail polish remover will not harm the resin nail.

Is toenail reconstruction for everyone?

No. It is recommended there be at least 15% of the nail remaining for the resin to attach. Certain health conditions should not have this procedure and can be discussed with your foot specialist. However, this is an option for someone looking to temporarily improve the appearance of a missing nail for special occasions or events.

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