Check out a few of our tips for preparing for the winter months!


  1. Cold winter weather means less moisture for your skin. If you find the skin on your feet is always cracking or dry, look for a cream that has urea in it. There are many products available that contain this ingredient as it absorbs into the skin on the feet better than some of the other generic creams. Do not apply moisturizers to open wounds or in between your toes as this can lead to infections, especially if you are diabetic. Also, by using a pumice stone or emery board after a bath or shower you can more easily remove some of that dead skin.


  1. Wearing closed toe shoes is the perfect time to give your toenails a rest from nail polish. The chemicals in polishes and nail polish removers can dry out, stain and damage your nails. Remember your nails are part of your body and need to be properly looked after too.


  1. It seems simple, but it’s very important to keep your feet dry! Wet footwear is not only uncomfortable to wear but they can also lead to fungal and bacterial infections and increase your chances of getting frostbite. Make sure to dry out your shoes before wearing them again, and also wear clean, dry socks or you might end up with problems!


  1. Lastly, check the treads of your footwear to make sure they are not worn through and letting water in. If they have worn flat, it’s time for a new pair. This can even impact your comfort level while walking as it throws off your body’s natural biomechanics.


Your Foot Specialist – Chiropodist – Podiatrist, can give you personalized suggestions on proper footwear for your foot type and features to look for in a good pair of shoes. They will also determine if you have other underlying issues. If you have any questions, just ask at your next appointment.


In addition to following the above tips, be sure to see our Foot Specialist – Chiropodist at the Aurora Foot Clinic if you’re dealing with other foot pain or problems. Call, email or visit our contact page to get in touch. We serve patients in Aurora, Newmarket, King, Richmond Hill, Stouffville and surrounding areas.